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Welcome to Kettle Brook Farms!

We are a family owned and operated farm, located in central Massachusetts. From hydroponic growth facilities, to seasonal vegetables, we are able to supply the freshest produce around. In addition to crops and produce, we raise farm fresh meat, with an array of herbs and spices for your next cookout!

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Vegetable Farm

BETTER THAN ORGANIC! The use of our state of the art hydroponic system allows us to  grow crops indoors, year-round, without the use of pesticides. This enables us to bring you the freshest, tastiest greens year round!  


mean that we are able to hand-pick seasonal vegetables for that mid-season taste and freshness! The use of hot houses allow us to grow additional vegetables under a controlled environment 

resulting in more variety and quality for you.

RAISED FROM BIRTH, we also sell farm fresh goat and pig meat. The availability of spit roasters for rent make it an easy feast for mid to large sized gatherings. Paired with an assortment of herbs and spices, everyone is sure to have a full tummy and a smile on their face!

We grow field grown seasonal crops.  Cabbage,Corn, Tomatoes, Watermelon, squash, cucumbers, pumpkins, winter squash to name a few.  We sell wholesale to restaurants, farm stands, and distributors.  You can find us at farmers markets and also buy our produce at our sister farm Fay Mountain Farm in Charlton, MA.

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Vegetable Farm

100 Old East Brookfield Rd, North Brookfield, MA 01535

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